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GroupBundl.es makes group buys easy.


Easily place flexible reservations for group buys; reserve or unreserve before the payment period with one click.


Receive notifications when your host is ready to accept payments, and follow on-site instructions to pay your host.


When your host has received your payment, receive your keys via e-mail or on-site.


Splits allow you to pick and pay for the things you want and skip the things you don't.


Receive notifications via Steam, Discord, text messages, and e-mail.


Use subscriptions to Automagically™ reserve all group buys of a certain type.


Hosts are vetted based on their public trade reputation history.

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DarkwingedTrumpeter subscribed to IndieGala
Detruire replied to is this site really dying?

Cutie Café Alexandra I think the Group Buy rules are good. They're similar for full buys but also work fine for smaller buys. They're also what I use now since I'm active in the group, and are very close to the pricing I used to use when I wasn't active there.

Arnas reserved some items in a store buy

1 items reserved from Kenshin's store buy.

mennoberg replied to is this site really dying?

@Alexandra Will you host bundles?

Nobbu was promoted to Host
Cutie Café Alexandra replied to is this site really dying?

Detruire The initial goal was to keep prices lower for reservers and at best subsidize first-bundles for hosts to help increase adoption from buyers. However, I never hosted before starting GroupBundl.es and coming up with the current ruleset, and I can see where you're coming from. What ruleset would you suggest instead? How do the Group Buys rules feel? I don't want to impose an undue burden on buyers, but also don't want hosts to feel like they're being ripped off, and I apologize if the rules came off that way.

ChaosEmerald replied to is this site really dying?

what do you mean "no initial bundle pricing rule"? what is that? i don't see anything about that anywhere.

Detruire replied to is this site really dying?

I considered hosting IG bundles here last year, but the 10% margin/no initial bundle pricing rule meant it wasn't (and still isn't) viable. With around 20 buyers (which is what I usually have) I'd be charging buyers less than I'd be paying for my own bundle.

Hey, if the site gained me another another ~20 consistent buyers (who didn't balk at me not having a US/EU Paypal account), I'd definitely be hosting here, but as-is, I can't afford to.

DarkwingedTrumpeter left a comment on Quantum Energy

Thank you. Highly appreciated. Learned some new things too.

ChaosEmerald left a comment on Quantum Energy

thank you everyone, all payments received. Bundle links have been sent to your paypal emails.

ChaosEmerald replied to is this site really dying?

i've still been hosting. only a few buy though.

Cutie Café Alexandra replied to is this site really dying?

I never stopped people from hosting group buys.

witya7 created a thread is this site really dying?
I'm so sad, it was a really good  idea.

ChaosEmerald edited a group buy Quantum Energy
dnr reserved Quantum Energy
dys purchased an individual item Indie Side Out Bundle
Jogge purchased an individual item For Kids Bundle
Colosso reserved Quantum Energy
ChaosEmerald left a comment on riddles & mysteries

DarkwingedTrumpeter, bundle link sent, thank you.

DarkwingedTrumpeter reserved Quantum Energy