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GroupBundl.es makes group buys easy.


Easily place flexible reservations for group buys; reserve or unreserve before the payment period with one click.


Receive notifications when your host is ready to accept payments, and follow on-site instructions to pay your host.


When your host has received your payment, receive your keys via e-mail or on-site.


Splits allow you to pick and pay for the things you want and skip the things you don't.


Receive notifications via Steam, Discord, text messages, and e-mail.


Use subscriptions to Automagically™ reserve all group buys of a certain type.


Hosts are vetted based on their public trade reputation history.

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Stuntman PixelJudge.com unreserved Indie Warfare
Stuntman PixelJudge.com unreserved Friday Special 81
Stuntman PixelJudge.com unreserved Dark Space Bundle
Stuntman PixelJudge.com unreserved Monday Motivation Bundle #70
WackyJ reserved Indie Warfare
➳+D-G+➳ earned "Angery React"

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Developer corrosivefrost unreserved Virtual Reality XXXIX
Cutie Café Alexandra left a comment on Friday Special 81


Cutie Café Alexandra reserved Friday Special 81
Cutie Café Alexandra reserved Friday Special 81
Ceildric reserved Dark Space Bundle
Ceildric unreserved Indie Warfare
Ceildric unreserved Friday Special 81
Ceildric left a comment on ILLUMICORP Bundle

If you could open up a slot for me to get in on this dumpster fire, I'd appreciate it. If not, I understand. Thanks as always Alexandra.

Ceildric unreserved Dark Space Bundle
Ceildric unreserved Virtual Reality XXXIX
j0r1k unreserved Virtual Reality XXXIX
WFeszter reserved Anime Dream Bundle
WFeszter unreserved Virtual Reality XXXIX
GREENMAN unreserved Anime Dream Bundle