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[Complete] Scheduled maintenance 4/3/20 12am ET - Read this if you can't log in

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Maintenance is complete! Everything should have been finished by 12:58 AM ET. Hit a couple of snags with cron jobs and session encryption keys but they are both resolved now.

If you still can't log in, please clear your cookies. If you experience any other issues, please email me at developers at cutie dot cafe.

Original announcement: will be undergoing maintenance on 3 April 2020 to move the service to a new server. I don't expect this downtime to take more than an hour, but you won't be able to access the site in the meantime. If you encounter any issues after the maintenance period, please let me know.

Cutie Café is now a BAT publisher

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

A fairly-new feature of the Brave browser called Brave Rewards allows people who use Brave to contribute Basic Attention Tokens, a cryptocurrency, to the sites they visit. and other Cutie Café properties now participate in this program. You can download the browser here (or with our referral link). If you use the Brave browser, you can leave us a tip by clicking on the purple triangle at the top-right of your browser while on To opt out of automatically giving tokens as part of the auto-contribute program, adjust your settings here. If you have any feedback about our participation in this program, please let me know below.

On an on-topic note, I will be publishing some updates regarding the in-development and long overdue 3, Patreon page, and Premier within the next few days to weeks as it is further pushed towards feature completeness.

Thank you for your support.

PayPal changes for US users

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

As a result of a new regulation issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington, D.C. coming into effect on April 1, 2019, if you want to hold and use balance, in addition to verifying your identity with PayPal, you will need a balance account which will be linked to your current PayPal account.

Information about PayPal Cash and PayPal Cash Plus

There are no changes to PayPal fees.

New Steam Gems rates now in effect

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

The Steam Gems rates mentioned in the pevious announcement are now in effect.

I'll make an effort to tweet out the current rate every night ET from

Sunsetting Steam Gems payments

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

I accepted Steam Gems starting in 2017 as a convienence to those who did not have access to PayPal in their country. Unfortunately, due to significant financial losses in accepting Steam Gems associated with their rise in popularity as a payment option, I will be unable to accept them at the current rate and will be removing this payment option in December.

Starting January 22 (moved to the 23rd to allow people to pay for their group buys) at midnight EST, the following rates will apply.

Visit @GBRates for the latest rates

Rates may be adjusted at any time. It is recommended that you ask for them before you make a deposit. The maximum number of Gems you can deposit between now and the new rates taking effect is 20,000 - Gem deposits higher than this will be credited at the rate above. Starting December 1 at midnight EST, I will no longer be accepting Gems.

TF2 keys and CS:GO keys will continue to be accepted for the forseeable future at the following rate:

Visit @GBRates for the latest rates

These restrictions will only apply to group buys hosted by me, Cutie Café Alexandra. Please contact your hosts respectively for information on payment methods they accept.

I apologize for the inconvienence.

Recent key revocations

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Hello everyone,

It has come to my attention that there have been a significant number of revocations lately, notably from developers that have participated in Otaku bundles. Developers who participated in these bundles have claimed that they have not been compensated for their participation.

If you decide to contact the developers yourself, please treat them with respect, politeness, and courtesy. While I understand the frustration over the revocation of purchased copies, I ask that you remember that they are humans just like you and I.

Do not contact the developer for keys. If the game exists on your account when I do processing for revokes, you will not receive another key.

Please do not attempt to contact OtakuMaker's support department yourself. If you have key(s) that have been revoked from your account or deactivated, please notify me via private message with the keys themselves, name of the game(s) they belong to, and the bundle ID of the bundle they were in (the last part of the group buy URL after the /). I will gladly offer a refund for the revoked keys via credits, or you can alternatively elect to receive a replacement copy of the revoked title when and if replacement copies become available.

I kindly ask that you do not take advantage of this opportunity and only apply for a refund if you do not intend on obtaining a replacement key directly from the developer. I reserve the right to refuse or revoke refunds if I suspect that this is the case.

-- Alexandra


Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Clearing Up Some Misconceptions

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Hello everyone,

I'm writing this announcement to clear up some misconceptions that have been brought up to me:

  • We are not sponsored by any Steam groups.
  • We do not have any relationship to any Steam groups that are not our own.
  • You're welcome to advertise how you'd like, so long as it is clear that you did not make the site yourself.
  • Site staff are listed here.
  • Cutie Café and site staff do not necessarily endorse the actions of any particular person.

Thanks for helping the site grow via word-of-mouth. I appreciate how far we've come from a year and a half ago and hope that we can grow our community more within the coming months. Work is still ongoing towards rewriting the site and making it better than ever before.



Holiday Gem Deposit Quota

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Due to the recent volatility of the Steam Community Market, the maximum number of Gems I am accepting right now per person per two weeks for the time being is 43,137 (subject to change based on market bids and asks). Your credit balance must also not be able to cover your reservations unless a deposit is made.

New Payment Policy

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Effective immediately, credit deposits must be made to pay with Gems (credit deposits can be made while a group buy is in the payment phase). Steam Inventory deposits from accounts created after August 30, 2018 will be assessed an additional 7% fee unless the items purchased directly from the Community Market to deposit (must provide proof).

Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys are now also being accepted on a limited basis.

Gem to USD values can be determined at

Please see for more information about group buys with Alexandra.

Trade Offer Issues

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

It's come to my attention that there have been multiple issues with trade offer sending and receiving. If you have not received your reservations within 24 hours, check your trade offers here to make sure that the offer hasn't been cancelled. If it has, please re-send your offer.

New Notification Method Requirement

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

A linked notification method will now be required for everyone participating in group buys with Cutie Café Alexandra. You can link an e-mail address here or click here to connect your Discord account and join our Discord guild. Failure to link a notification method will result in a kick from any reserved group buys or subscriptions.

GMG Pick-n-Mix Cancelled

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Due to overwhelming demand, GMG restrictions, and limited stock on their end, I'll have to cancel the Pick-n-Mix. Was planning on running it using some mental gymnastics, a highly-complex spreadsheet, and a coordinated team of professional hamsters but ran out of time before the most popular stuff ran out of stock. Extremely sorry for the inconvenience.


Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

I've added Ko-fi as a payment option for those who despise Patreon or just want to make a one-time donation. Click here to buy me a slice of pizza. Each slice of pizza counts as a month of Premier.

I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support and for finding the site useful. I'm working on v3 (better, faster, stronger) and it should be released within the next couple of months.

Back to the grind!


Friendly reminder

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra is a buy on demand service. Reservations signify a bona fide intent to pay. Failure to do so will result in a site suspension ranging from several weeks to several months depending on the number of items late and cost accrued.

I am very flexible about late payments. Please contact me before the item enters the ended period to arrange.

Missing Items

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Hey pals! Before asking me about something you're missing, check the bundle site itself to make sure it's me and not them. GoGoBundle is a frequent offender of this, they seem to be adding/removing items all the time after we do our initial scrape of the bundle page.

Also as reminder, the items on group buy pages are fetched using an automated process and are in no way guaranteed to be accurate. Think of it as an extra convienence feature rather than a sure thing.

New PayPal fees

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Hey pals! If you are not US-based, today starts the new fees, so don't be dumb and make sure you select Pay for Goods and Services and pay the amount on-site that corresponds to the "If you have to pay fees" section. If you send me the wrong amount, I will be unable to refund you, because that costs me money each time, and you will get dinged on the fees again because I will not mark you as paid until you have paid the full amount. Be careful! I'll push an update sometime this week to make it only show the "pay fees" price for people outside the US and vice-versa.


Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

In light of the new Steam update (:steamfacepalm:) that might make it easier for impersonators and scammers to flourish, I'd figured I'd go over some basic safety tips to make sure you're dealing with the real me and not an impersonator, considering that being the top host on this site may make me a huge target. I don't know of any impersonators of myself as of recent, but in the event that they start popping up, here's how to distinguish an impersonator profile from my real profile.

First of all, don't accept adds from "me." I will never add you on Steam for business. All communication should be held through private messages or support tickets. However, in the event that you need to contact me through Steam for some reason, verify that:

In the event that you still aren't sure and are a bit tech-savvy, you can do a DIG lookup on which contains my Steam ID, or you can ask me for a PGP-signed message which you can verify against my Keybase account and associated public key.

Stay safe! :pinkheart: Alex

Payment delays

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

EDIT: Back!

I'll be out until Tuesday evening ET on a little vacation. Payments will probably be delayed by up to 24 hours, send me a DM if you're still not marked after that. If you hit a site bug let us know on-site through the help system, or if you're having other payment-related issues DM me. I'll be putting up the Monday bundle tonight, and pushing through the SteamGarbageGround when I get back.

Login errors [FIXED]

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

EDIT: Hey everyone! Thanks for hanging in with us, we had a little bit of an issue authenticating sessions due to a breaking Valve change that we were surprised with about four hours ago. If you're trying to log in to sites like or TF2Outpost and get an error, this is probably why.

We've fixed this on our end and have submitted a patch to the creator of the library that we use. If you're still having issues logging in, please let me know at im at alexandra dot moe.

Sorry for the inconvienence!

Original: Valve has changed the Steam login mechanism, which is returning SteamID 0. You'll know that your login failed if you have the typing Kermit GIF as your avatar. If you logged in before about 2 hours ago, you should be fine. A fix will be coming soon.

Paying On Time

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Hello everyone - I'm sorry to say this, but I will have to start immediately suspending people who have not paid me past the "ended" period, or 4 days after keys have been added to a store buy. I've tried to be very lenient on payment, and I've tried to be very nice about this in notifying people manually, but it's too frustrating and too much of a waste of time; I should be working on the site itself instead of manually going through and doing something the system is supposed to do. I did not start to end up doing everything manually. If you believe that you might need extra time for payment, please don't hesitate to let me know. As others can attest, I am very responsive to situations that require a little extra time, but I can only be lenient if you let me know beforehand.

Note that suspensions will remove all of your reservations, and restrict your access to the site.

I would like to thank the people who have been paying on time like they're supposed to. I really appreciate them making this job several times easier for me. :HatHealth:

If you have any questions about this announcement, feel free to drop me a PM or leave a comment below.

Discord Notifications

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say real quick that Discord notifications will not work unless you join our Discord server, here: Sorry I didn't put this in more places, totally slipped my mind. Have a great rest of your week!

-- Cutie Café Alexandra

Same, New Great Taste

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

We've moved server providers to help improve site reliability and performance. If you notice any issues, please let us know through a support request and we'll look into it. While we're taking a look, use which is running on the same server as before but will be significantly less performant.


Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong (or right) so I can make the site better here!

Poll: In-game currencies

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

I'm considering adding some new in-game currencies to You won't be able to pay directly with these, you'll be able to deposit to get credits, and their worth will be based on the current bid/ask or a flat price. Haven't really done too much research into these economies to know exactly what they're worth, but I'd like to see what is popular before I put too much effort in. I'm also open to other suggestions, but the items offered must be very liquid and stable and should be able to be exchanged for cash. Hosts will individually be able to opt-in/out of each type of extra item I offer.

Add a comment below with any of the following emoticons or leave your own idea to vote:

  • :stop: Don't add anything. PayPal and Steam Gems are fine.
  • :csgohelmet: CS:GO keys
  • :crate: TF2 keys
  • :jarate: TF2 Earbuds
  • :d2bloodseeker: DotA 2 keys
  • :Z: Select H1Z1 keys/cases
  • :player: Select PUBG keys/cases


Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Draw our mascot and get a chance to win credit with Cutie Café Alexandra and a copy of Cutie Café Toybox! Click here to learn more

Welcome to v2!

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

And we're live!

A few things I noticed that I will be fixing soon:

  • settings page UI is slightly broken for normies, but everything else should work fixed
  • there's no link to the credit info page anywhere. so here it is fixed
  • emails send out links to change the link to say "" and they will work fixed
  • no FAQ page, because i haven't written it yet, but that will be there soon
  • credits will be transferred over tomorrow done
  • anything that says "forum" (that feature will come soon)

And here are the things that do work right now:

  • reservations/payment/claim
  • discord notifications (they will work by the time it matters :^))
  • emails
  • private messages
  • tickets
  • subscriptions
  • automatic host application system
  • announcements
  • comments
  • admin control panel

To kick us off, I'll be hosting the Bunch Keys New Year Frenzy bundle here. If you come across any site issues, please send me a PM here (click on my profile -> send private message), or submit a help request.

Have fun! I guess...