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Welcome to v2!

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

And we're live!

A few things I noticed that I will be fixing soon:

  • settings page UI is slightly broken for normies, but everything else should work fixed
  • there's no link to the credit info page anywhere. so here it is fixed
  • emails send out links to change the link to say "" and they will work fixed
  • no FAQ page, because i haven't written it yet, but that will be there soon
  • credits will be transferred over tomorrow done
  • anything that says "forum" (that feature will come soon)

And here are the things that do work right now:

  • reservations/payment/claim
  • discord notifications (they will work by the time it matters :^))
  • emails
  • private messages
  • tickets
  • subscriptions
  • automatic host application system
  • announcements
  • comments
  • admin control panel

To kick us off, I'll be hosting the Bunch Keys New Year Frenzy bundle here. If you come across any site issues, please send me a PM here (click on my profile -> send private message), or submit a help request.

Have fun! I guess...

Comments (7)

Doctor Psy0ch posted


fug :D :spurdo: Jeb! for Skin President 2024 posted


Damn Soviet dimon222 posted


Dontasciime posted

do email settings need to be setup again?

Cutie Café Alexandra posted


Doctor Psy0ch posted

I cant activate them currently, always try to save the settings and it give me a HTTP Error.

Cutie Café Alexandra posted


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