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Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

In light of the new Steam update (:steamfacepalm:) that might make it easier for impersonators and scammers to flourish, I'd figured I'd go over some basic safety tips to make sure you're dealing with the real me and not an impersonator, considering that being the top host on this site may make me a huge target. I don't know of any impersonators of myself as of recent, but in the event that they start popping up, here's how to distinguish an impersonator profile from my real profile.

First of all, don't accept adds from "me." I will never add you on Steam for business. All communication should be held through private messages or support tickets. However, in the event that you need to contact me through Steam for some reason, verify that:

In the event that you still aren't sure and are a bit tech-savvy, you can do a DIG lookup on which contains my Steam ID, or you can ask me for a PGP-signed message which you can verify against my Keybase account and associated public key.

Stay safe! :pinkheart: Alex

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