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Friendly reminder

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra is a buy on demand service. Reservations signify a bona fide intent to pay. Failure to do so will result in a site suspension ranging from several weeks to several months depending on the number of items late and cost accrued.

I am very flexible about late payments. Please contact me before the item enters the ended period to arrange.

Comments (5)

Peace|Of Mind ✌ posted

Does bona fied mean that i dont have to pay you if i am subscribed to something i dont want? :kolobok:

fug :D :spurdo: Jeb! for Skin President 2024 posted

did i accrue any bono fidos yet

CrimsonJD posted

Can't believe that none of you froods know any latin :(

I mean, these are just de facto terms that are used ad infinitum. If you get them wrong you'll be persona non grata around here.

Anyway, carpe diem.

fug :D :spurdo: Jeb! for Skin President 2024 posted

why would we know mexican

DriverFrog posted

How flexible are you if I say I'm going to be late on my payment for like 10 years

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