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Recent key revocations

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

Hello everyone,

It has come to my attention that there have been a significant number of revocations lately, notably from developers that have participated in Otaku bundles. Developers who participated in these bundles have claimed that they have not been compensated for their participation.

If you decide to contact the developers yourself, please treat them with respect, politeness, and courtesy. While I understand the frustration over the revocation of purchased copies, I ask that you remember that they are humans just like you and I.

Do not contact the developer for keys. If the game exists on your account when I do processing for revokes, you will not receive another key.

Please do not attempt to contact OtakuMaker's support department yourself. If you have key(s) that have been revoked from your account or deactivated, please notify me via private message with the keys themselves, name of the game(s) they belong to, and the bundle ID of the bundle they were in (the last part of the group buy URL after the /). I will gladly offer a refund for the revoked keys via credits, or you can alternatively elect to receive a replacement copy of the revoked title when and if replacement copies become available.

I kindly ask that you do not take advantage of this opportunity and only apply for a refund if you do not intend on obtaining a replacement key directly from the developer. I reserve the right to refuse or revoke refunds if I suspect that this is the case.

-- Alexandra

Comments (3)

Attila 777 posted

Thank you the another key :)

ໂ‧͡‧̫ໃ posted

I just saw the email. Thank you for taking the time and effort to acquire replacement keys where available.

Cutie Café Alexandra posted

Do not contact the developer for keys. If the game exists on your account when I do processing, you will not receive another key.

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