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Sunsetting Steam Gems payments

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

I accepted Steam Gems starting in 2017 as a convienence to those who did not have access to PayPal in their country. Unfortunately, due to significant financial losses in accepting Steam Gems associated with their rise in popularity as a payment option, I will be unable to accept them at the current rate and will be removing this payment option in December.

Starting January 22 (moved to the 23rd to allow people to pay for their group buys) at midnight EST, the following rates will apply.

Visit @GBRates for the latest rates

Rates may be adjusted at any time. It is recommended that you ask for them before you make a deposit. The maximum number of Gems you can deposit between now and the new rates taking effect is 20,000 - Gem deposits higher than this will be credited at the rate above. Starting December 1 at midnight EST, I will no longer be accepting Gems.

TF2 keys and CS:GO keys will continue to be accepted for the forseeable future at the following rate:

Visit @GBRates for the latest rates

These restrictions will only apply to group buys hosted by me, Cutie Café Alexandra. Please contact your hosts respectively for information on payment methods they accept.

I apologize for the inconvienence.

Comments (2)

Peace|Of Mind ✌ posted

RIP Gems

⑧ ҠƗ₱ɗєҠƗ₱.ᵉˣᵉ [⇄] posted

Guess I should send whatever gems I have left then.

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