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Cutie Café is now a BAT publisher

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

A fairly-new feature of the Brave browser called Brave Rewards allows people who use Brave to contribute Basic Attention Tokens, a cryptocurrency, to the sites they visit. and other Cutie Café properties now participate in this program. You can download the browser here (or with our referral link). If you use the Brave browser, you can leave us a tip by clicking on the purple triangle at the top-right of your browser while on To opt out of automatically giving tokens as part of the auto-contribute program, adjust your settings here. If you have any feedback about our participation in this program, please let me know below.

On an on-topic note, I will be publishing some updates regarding the in-development and long overdue 3, Patreon page, and Premier within the next few days to weeks as it is further pushed towards feature completeness.

Thank you for your support.

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Brave is awesome! I highly recommend people check it out. (You can use Chrome extensions with it too btw).

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