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Poll: In-game currencies

Posted by Cutie Café Alexandra

I'm considering adding some new in-game currencies to You won't be able to pay directly with these, you'll be able to deposit to get credits, and their worth will be based on the current bid/ask or a flat price. Haven't really done too much research into these economies to know exactly what they're worth, but I'd like to see what is popular before I put too much effort in. I'm also open to other suggestions, but the items offered must be very liquid and stable and should be able to be exchanged for cash. Hosts will individually be able to opt-in/out of each type of extra item I offer.

Add a comment below with any of the following emoticons or leave your own idea to vote:

  • :stop: Don't add anything. PayPal and Steam Gems are fine.
  • :csgohelmet: CS:GO keys
  • :crate: TF2 keys
  • :jarate: TF2 Earbuds
  • :d2bloodseeker: DotA 2 keys
  • :Z: Select H1Z1 keys/cases
  • :player: Select PUBG keys/cases

Comments (10)

Cutie Café Alexandra posted

Migrated: 3x :stop:

woj posted

:csgohelmet: :crate: :player:

Cae posted


lexder posted

mennoberg posted

:stop: :csgohelmet: :player:

Joys posted

witya7 posted


jaks posted

:csgohelmet: :crate:

Doctor Psy0ch posted

:csgohelmet: :crate: maybe

Moderator Blur posted


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