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Go Go Bundle #41

from gogobundle · hosted by Cutie Café Alexandra · inactive - reservation ended · added


Automatically added with Birdfeeder. Please report bugs to antigravities or dimon222

30/128 slots filled, 0 required

Contains Items

App Release Date Cards? Achievements User Reviews Times Bundled Retail Price
Zombie Murder
Mar 12, 2018NO0--$1.99
Zombie Murder Hell Arrives
Mar 16, 2018NO0--$2.99
Mar 9, 2018NO0Not enough reviews (0%)
0 of 1 reviews are positive
One Finger Death Punch
Mar 3, 2014NO152
Overwhelmingly Positive (98%)
10161 of 10318 reviews are positive
Zeus vs Monsters - Math Game for kids
Feb 18, 2016NO0Not enough reviews (100%)
8 of 8 reviews are positive
Spellbind : Luppe's tale (not found on Steam)------
If you know what I mean
Mar 15, 2018NO4956
Not enough reviews (50%)
1 of 2 reviews are positive
Mar 15, 2018NO193
Not enough reviews (80%)
4 of 5 reviews are positive
Mar 24, 2018NO0Not enough reviews (100%)
1 of 1 reviews are positive
Reach Me
Dec 7, 2017NO777
Positive (100%)
12 of 12 reviews are positive
Captain Backwater
Sep 12, 2017NO0Not enough reviews (100%)
1 of 1 reviews are positive
Retail: $22.9 - SteamGifts CV: 3.435
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Comments (3)


It says: "The host has not entered enough keys to distribute to all of the reservers. The payment period will not start until the host has entered enough keys." :-)

Peace|Of Mind ✌

maybe one day this will be in payment in claim :crazyleon:

Cutie Café Alexandra

Sorry Jogge Peace|Of Mind ✌ been sick in bed all day, going to fix it soon

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