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Otaku Bundle #13

from · hosted by Cutie Café Alexandra · inactive - reservation ended · added
14/20 slots filled, 0 required

Host Information

IMPORTANT - New rates on Gems now apply. Visit for the latest rates.

Please read this in its entirety before reserving.

  • All site rules apply.
  • You must have a notification method linked to your account, or you will be kicked. Add e-mail or add Discord and join our Discord guild
  • To pay with Gems, CS:GO keys, or TF2 keys, they must be deposited via the credits system. These rates apply.
  • Do not contact me about off-site. Click here to send me a private message. Messages on other platforms will get lost and I will ignore them.
  • If I haven't marked you as paid in 48 hours, send me a private message. I receive literally hundreds of emails per day and it's likely yours got lost. Please don't send me a message if it hasn't yet been 48 hours; and definitely do not leave comments on group buys regarding payment issues.
  • OtakuMaker and Bunch of Keys bundles older than 4 days are purchased and closed when the oldest active OtakuMaker and/or Bunch of Keys bundle added to the site is 10-15 days old. They are generally put into payment Sunday nights or early Monday mornings (US ET). IndieGala bundles are purchased during Happy Hour based on demand and go into the payment phase on Sunday nights or early Monday mornings (US ET). Generally, when I've purchased a bundle on Happy Hour, I'll let everyone know with the 📥 reaction in #happy-hour on our Discord server.
  • I am very flexible on payments if you let me know that you will be unable to pay before the payment period ends. Failure to do so may result in a site suspension until you have paid for the group buys you have missed.

NOTE: This is simply a summation of the full guidelines.

Extra guidelines apply to splits. Click here to read them.

Contains Items

App Release Date Cards? Achievements User Reviews Times Bundled Retail Price
Oct 25, 2017NO35
Not enough reviews (0%)
0 of 1 reviews are positive
Internal Light VR
Jan 18, 2018NO0Positive (80%)
8 of 10 reviews are positive
Aug 4, 2017NO10
Mixed (64%)
18 of 28 reviews are positive
BlockShip Wars: Roguelike
Jan 1, 2018NO0-1$12.99
Nov 6, 2017NO0Not enough reviews (100%)
2 of 2 reviews are positive
Cave Brawlers
Jan 15, 2018NO9
CYCOM: Cybernet Combat
Oct 30, 2017NO0Not enough reviews (67%)
2 of 3 reviews are positive
Flappy Arms
Jan 3, 2018NO0Not enough reviews (83%)
5 of 6 reviews are positive
Crystal Reign
Nov 7, 2017NO0-2$4.99
Rampage Ragdoll
Jan 9, 2018NO0-1$5.99
Retail: $58.9 - SteamGifts CV: 8.835
Information is obtained using an automated process. makes no guarantees of its accuracy.

Comments (2)


I paid for this one a couple of days ago, still showing as unpaid.

Cutie Café Alexandra

shockedfrog fixed! sorry about that

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