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Tabletop Simulator 4 pack on Fanatical

from fanatical · hosted by CrimsonJD · inactive - reservation ended · added

****This is for the Tabletop Simulator 4 pack on Fanatical

I was asked to host this, but I had to get approved for a hosting account.
Sorry for the late notice, but you'll only have about 4 hours to sign up, until 8pm Pacific time. I'll need to sell all 4 (1 for me and 3 for you) before that time for me to host the bundle. If it doesn't work, well, there's always next time. :)

With the sale price and discount it will be $6.75 USD per person. I'm in the US so you can either send friends and family, or pay fees if you are in a different region.****

Edit: It turns out that Fanatical ditributed the pack as 1 key for the 4 pack. I am communicating with the buyers to get them the steam gift items.

4/4 slots filled, 4 required

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