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Anime Journey Bundle

from indiegala · hosted by ChaosEmerald · cancelled · added

this listing is for the Anime Journey bundle on indiegala.

price: $tbd

forms of payment accepted for this bundle are: paypal, steam wallet and cashapp

any fees charged are your responsibility.

i reserve the right to cancel this listing if it doesn't reach the minimum number of buyers by the first HH.

thank you.

3/20 slots filled, 10 required

Contains Items

App Release Date Cards? Achievements User Reviews Times Bundled Retail Price
Banzai Escape
Book Series - Alice in Wonderland
When Our Journey Ends - A Visual Novel
You, With Me - A Kinetic Novel
On Earth As It Is In Heaven - A Kinetic Novel
Akihabara - Feel the Rhythm
Vanguard Princess Lilith
Vanguard Princess
Vanguard Princess Hilda Rize
Retail: $0 - SteamGifts CV: 0
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Comments (1)


never saw this bundle go on happy hour

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