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Match III 2

from indiegala · hosted by Detruire · inactive - reservation ended · added

Price: $1.60 including Paypal fee, ($1.25 excluding fee). Please specify the email you want your bundle sent to in the Paypal payment notes (or via direct message).

If you have any questions about this group buy, you can contact me through this site, or directly via Steam.

Please note that bundles will be emailed directly to your supplied email address using IndieGala's gift bundle feature.

2/4 slots filled, 1 required

Contains Items

App Release Date Cards? Achievements User Reviews Times Bundled Retail Price
The Trials of Olympus
The Chronicles of Joseph of Egypt
The Enthralling Realms: An Alchemist's Tale
Mythic Pearls: The Legend of Tirnanog
Winter Magic Factory
Amanda's Sticker Book 2 - Amazing Wildlife (not found on Steam)------
Mundus - Impossible Universe 2
Retail: $0 - SteamGifts CV: 0
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Comments (3)

Cutie Café Alexandra

The site was designed in a manner that bundle gift links are sent via the site's key system - email addresses are not provided to hosts. Is there a particular reason why you aren't doing it that way?

I have no problem with you coordinating it this way, but please keep in mind that it's extra work, and I will be unable to mediate cases in which keys were sent outside of

Posted · Edited

I prefer to send the bundles as IG gifts because it's what I do for buyers from other sites, and it's simpler to do the same thing for every buyer. It also means that I don't have to double-handle the keys, and that the buyer can use IG key gifting if they wish.

Cutie Café Alexandra

OK - that's fine by me, just make sure reservers communicate email addresses to you and that you enter something into the key box for each reserver - the price, payment instructions, and "mark as paid" options won't show unless you do so. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

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