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White Dwarf 462 code

from games · hosted by Cutie Café Alexandra · inactive - reservation ended · added

Edit: ordered on March 13, 13:08 ET. With taxes it will be $9.60, but don't send me anything yet.

Edit 2: Considering that I've already purchased this, unreserving it will result in a non-negotiable permanent ban. You have been warned.

$10 shipping for a $9 magazine is ridiculous. I will not be shipping you the magazine, but giving you the code inside.

Included with each physical copy of March’s issue, you’ll find:

– A Steam voucher containing a code that will unlock a whole bunch of awesome Warhammer games for free!

The codes are this. Keep in mind that one key activates all.

I will be closing this when I place the order. If there's enough interest, I will open up more slots, but I doubt it.

Pigs will be slaughtered. 1 copy per wave.

10/10 slots filled, 4 required

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