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Monday Motivation #43

from indiegala · hosted by Cutie Café Alexandra · inactive - reservation ended · added

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Contains Items

App Release Date Cards? Achievements User Reviews Times Bundled Retail Price
Crazy Pirate
Jan 27, 2018NO500
Positive (96%)
27 of 28 reviews are positive
Feb 1, 2018NO4
Positive (94%)
17 of 18 reviews are positive
Dice Tower Defense
Sep 15, 2017NO38
Mostly Positive (71%)
24 of 34 reviews are positive
Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble
Aug 3, 2017NO21
Not enough reviews (75%)
3 of 4 reviews are positive
Aug 22, 2017NO34
Not enough reviews (67%)
2 of 3 reviews are positive
Australian trip
Dec 19, 2017NO9
Positive (93%)
13 of 14 reviews are positive
Aug 1, 2017NO0--$7.99
Gulf of Aden - Task Force Somalia
Dec 14, 2015YES25
Not enough reviews (100%)
6 of 6 reviews are positive
Dual Snake
Jan 30, 2018NO40
Not enough reviews (89%)
8 of 9 reviews are positive
Super Lovely Planet
Jul 28, 2017NO4
Not enough reviews (60%)
3 of 5 reviews are positive
Raid On Coasts
Aug 12, 2017NO14
Not enough reviews (0%)
0 of 2 reviews are positive
10 Galagold (not found on Steam)------
Retail: $64.89 - SteamGifts CV: 9.7335
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Comments (4)


Did you buy to the special time offer? Or haven't you bought yet? The price has increased since you started this groupbuy. I'm out if the price are the increased one.

Cutie Café Alexandra

Jogge There hasn't yet been a Happy Hour yet for this bundle. I'm expecting the Happy Hour price to be around $1. Sorry for the confusion if there is any.

Cutie Café Alexandra

If you're referring to the cost of the first bundle, hosts aren't allowed to charge for that unless it is going to a reserver. My copy is for myself, so I don't get to charge for it. I can take a maximum of 10% commission, however, but that likely won't apply to this because I'm projected to reach my Patreon goal this month which means no more profit.


@Alexandra Okay. Thought you were going to buy the bundle in the special time periode (first 24 hours) with $1 discount. I'm happy to wait for the happy hour :)

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