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If you're reading this, you're probably wondering how the site works. You've come to the right place! Most to all of your questions should be answered here. If you have any additional questions about the site itself, feel free to file a support request.

What are the site rules?

See here.

What are group buys?

This FAQ is focused on itself. Click here for help with understanding group buys!

How do I host a group buy?

Read our hosting FAQ.

Can I join a group buy?

Of course! is open to everyone as long as they do not have a site suspension and can pay with PayPal or Steam Gems.

How do I participate in a group buy on

Find a group buy you'd like to take part in that still has space and is in the reservation phase, and click "Reserve"! Yes, it's that easy! If you do not want to participate anymore, you can click the "Unreserve" button, and if you want to reserve more than one copy, you can click the "Reserve" button again on the group buy's page.

Please note that any group buys that you have reserved after the reservation period ends are your responsibility. You must unreserve beforehand if you do not wish to participate in a group buy.

What does the "x required" message mean?

If the group buy does not reach x reservers, it will be automatically cancelled when the reservation period ends. But do not fret! This is flexible and may change depending on the bundle's status.

If you're interested in a group buy and can afford it, JUST RESERVE. Your reservation may encourage others to join!

What payment methods are available?

Payment methods may differ depending on the host. Most accept PayPal and credit. Some accept Steam Gems. If you would like to know which payment methods your host supports, feel free to send them a PM on-site or leave a comment on the group buy.

How much do group buys usually cost?

Group buy prices also greatly vary depending on the host and the item involved. Hosts are also permitted to charge 10% commission, but this is at their discretion. Some bundles only provide bulk purchases for a certain period and do not disclose prices before then (like Indiegala). For more information on bundle pricing, you should contact your host by sending them a PM on-site or leaving a comment on a specific group buy.

ProTipâ„¢: Generally, the cost is lower when more people reserve.

When do I pay?

You must pay the host of any group buys you have reserved within 48 hours of the Payment and Claim period starting. You can be notified of Payment and Claim periods by joining our Discord server or by configuring e-mail. We'll have Steam chat notifications set up and possibly more options as the site matures.

I don't think I'll be able to pay during that time, but I want to participate anyway! What can I do?

Contact your host. Most hosts are lenient about payment, but only if you contact them beforehand to let them know. If you do not contact your host beforehand, you may receive a suspension from the site for nonpayment. You don't want that!

How do I get my keys?

Your keys will be visible on the group buy's page. You can also configure the site to e-mail you keys.

What is credit?

Click here for more information on credits.

I need more help!

That's OK! Feel free to open a help request and browse the other support articles.

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