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Alexandra's Split Guidelines/Info

Split guidelines

  • All items must be reserved, except when:
    • The bundle is tiered and none of the higher tiers are reserved. For example, if all of the items from tier 1 are reserved and none of tier 2 or 3 are reserved, the split will be fulfilled. However, if all items from tier 1 are reserved, and only some of tier 2 and 3, the split will not be fulfilled. Likewise, if tier 3 is fulfilled but not tier 1 or 2, the split will not be fulfilled.
    • Cutie Café Alexandra is feeling ultra generous and decides to reserve some split items.
    • The split is a Humble Monthly split.
  • All rules for group buys apply.
  • Items may not be reserved solely for retrading or reselling.

Humble Monthly splits

  • Early unlocks will be posted up to 24 hours before the bundle is revealed.
  • Items in Humble Monthly splits may not be retraded or given away. Failure to redeem an item to your own account will result in a permanent ban.
  • For the first 24 hours after all of the unlocks are revealed (or the split is added to, reservers are limited to 1 reservation. After that, anyone may reserve as many items as they want.
  • Items are subject to price fluctuation depending on market/split values.

Misc. info

  • If a split goes into payment and you receive an email with no keys, it means I'm waiting for the keys from my significant other, or I've not purchased the bundle yet. Be patient, I'll have keys for you soon.
  • Split item prices are generally decided by supply and demand. An item that has been bundled more than once is worth less than an item that has never been bundled before.
  • I do accept Gems, but you must have deposited them first as Credits into your account. Click here to view more information about credits and click here for a Gem to USD calculator.
  • Please be considerate. If you have credits or prefer to buy a whole bundle with Gems, please [contact me](
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