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Alexandra's Buy Guidelines/Info

Payment flexibility

I am very flexible on payments if you let me know before the payment period ends. Failure to do so may result in a site suspension until you have paid for the group buys you have missed.

Notification method requirement

You must have a notification method linked to your account or you will be immediately kicked. If you are a part of, you are exempt from this rule.

Reservation limits

If you would like more copies than this, please buy the item yourself. These limits are in place to keep a burden off of me and allow free reservation slots to those who want to reserve the item.

  • GoGoBundle, OtakuBundle: 10
  • IndieGala: 3
  • X-packs (i.e. 2-packs, 4-packs...): ceil(x/4)
  • Single-game buys: 25


Gems are generally accepted on all group buys unless otherwise noted.


You can deposit credits with PayPal, Steam Gems, or CS:GO keys. No other items are accepted. Click here to learn about credits.

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