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About Group Buys

What is

This page is dedicated to information about group buys in general. For help with, try the FAQ.

So, what are group buys anyway?

Group buys are when a group of people decide to purchase a set of bundles in bulk and split the cost together. The group benefits from receiving bundles cheaper, as many bundle sites offer discounts for purchasing more than one bundle.

How much do group buys cost, generally?

Cost relies on the bundle site's prices, and the number of reservers a group buy gets. Most bundles on end up costing in the range of USD$0.60-$2. Some sites offer bulk discounts perpetually and the cost is known in advance (like Go Go Bundle and OtakuBundle), while others offer discounts only for a limited time and the price is unknown (like IndieGala).

How is the price per bundle figured out?

Generally the price of each distributed bundle is determined by dividing the price of a pack by the number of reservers. For example, if a pack of 4 costs $4.36, and there are 4 reservers, the price will be approximately $1.09. Hosts are also allowed to add a 10% commission if they choose (which will bring the price up to approximately $1.20).

When do I pay?

You will be obligated to pay when the host has purchased the packs. On this is at or around the time the countdown ticks to zero.

How can I trust the person that's hosting the group buy?

Hosts on specifically go through a vetting process based on their trade and reputation history. You can verify this for yourself by viewing the user pages displayed on their profile.

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