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Credits FAQ

If you're reading this, you're probably wondering how credit works. If you're looking to learn more about in general, click here. If you're totally new to group buys, this page might be more useful!

So, what are credits?

Hosts can optionally set up Credits for their group buys. You can send your host PayPal or Steam Gems in advance and they will deposit the USD value (minus fees) into a small account here on Once you have credits in your account, you can take advantage of one-click payments, automatic payments, and lower fees.

What are credits worth?

1 credit = $0.01 USD. Credits have no withdrawal value.

What types of payment do hosts accept?

Hosts can accept PayPal and/or Steam Gems.

How do I deposit credits with a host?

Go to a host's profile. If they accept credits, you'll see a button called "View credit payment information". Click it, and you'll see information on paying your host. Once your host has processed (note: not received - credit amounts are worth what the item is valued at the time of processing) the payment, you'll have the credit amount available to spend!

How do I view my balance and recent transactions?

Click the "credits" button at the bottom of the page. It will show you your 15 most recent transactions with hosts, and your balances with hosts that you have accounts set up with.

How do I use my credits?

It's simple! You can either have the system automatically pay for you, or you can click the link where you want to pay that says "Pay with credits".

Can I withdraw credits from my account?

No. Credit purchases are final; as such, any credit exchanges are nonrefundable and withdrawals are not allowed. Any requests to withdraw credit in exchange for cash will be ignored. Hosts refunding credits or users purchasing credits with a host indirectly in exchange for cash may be suspended.

Can I transfer credits to another account?

Yes. Use the Credit Gifting option on your credits page.

I'm a host! How do I allow my reservers to use credit?

Make sure you have the appropriate options ticked and set on your preferences page, and your reservers should be able to follow the above instructions to pay you. Then, you can update their balances from your account list on the credits page. While not required, it is highly recommended that you leave a memo whenever you manually adjust a user's credit. When you want to add a new reserver to your account list, go to their profile ID (it's in the payment note), and click "Create credit account." The account will then be added to your account list.

How much credit can I deposit at a time?

Reservers can deposit a maximum of $50 at a time on, but it's up to hosts to set individual limits.

Special notes for deposits with Cutie Café Alexandra

Accounts created after August 30, 2018 are subject to a 7% surcharge for Steam Inventory credit deposits, unless the items were purchased directly from the Steam Community Market (must provide proof). Accounts created before August 30, 2018 are not subject to this charge.

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