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Subscriptions allow you to automatically reserve your favorite group buys. Reservations are still no-strings-attached; if you don't like a bundle that you were subscribed to, unreserve anytime before the payment period. It is highly recommended to join a subscription for popular group buys.
Subscription Host Number of subscribers

Automatically reserve Indiegala Happy Hour group buys hosted by YAWN Alexandra.

YAWN Alexandra40
(40 max)
Go Go Bundle

Automatically reserve Go Go Bundle group buys hosted by YAWN Alexandra.

YAWN Alexandra26
Drivershaft's Exclusive Bundle Club For Pimps and Cool People

you know who you are

Otaku Bundle

Automatically reserve Otaku Bundle group buys hosted by YAWN Alexandra.

YAWN Alexandra22
Daily Single-Game Buys

With YAWN Alexandra

YAWN Alexandra5
(100 max)
Indiegala III

The items created as part of this subscription are subject to a 10% host commission fee. The cost of the initial bundle will be shared with all reservers as the first reservation will get the initial bundle.

YAWN Alexandra1
(21 max)